Postponed Bills vs Bengals NFL Game Draws $330,000 Bet on Caesars Sportsbook

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  • An unnamed bettor has placed a massive stake on the Bills, betting a fortune of $330,000 in favor of the Bills to defeat the Cincinnati Bengals by five or more points.
  • The game drew more attention in the first week of January when Buffalo safety Damar Hamlin was hurried off the field after a cardiac arrest.
  • Amid the progress of the NFL Divisional Rounds and playoff seedings, Caesars Sportsbook launches $1,250 promotion.

A promising Bills vs Bengals NFL face-off was suspended at the beginning of the year due to tragic events on the field. Damar Hamlin who played as safety for the Buffalo Bills missed a tackle and went into cardiac arrest. He was quickly resuscitated and hospitalized, but the match was postponed till the 22nd of January.

With both teams now looking to finish off what they started weeks ago, interesting bets have now emerged from NFL fans in Michigan. One of the most outrageous wagers was placed on Caesars Sportsbook to the tune of $330,000.

Caesars Sportsbook Revealed that a Michigan Bettor Placed a $330,000 Line Wager on the Bills

In the early hours of Tuesday, January 17, Caesars Sportsbook through a tweet announced that an unnamed bettor put a bet of $330,000 on the Buffalo Bills. The user made a point spread bet in favor of the Bills -5 -110, thus tipping the Bengals as the underdog in the face off.

Should the Bills win by five or more points, the bettor could win over $300,000 in addition to his original wager. NFL Betting seems to attract some of the highest rollers, but it’s simply outrageous seeing this amount with the playoffs yet to begin. While Caesars Sportsbook Michigan has little history of big bets, the sports betting platform once recorded a whopping $5 million bet on the Super Bowl LVI.

While many NFL fans believe that the match will be an easy win for the Bengals due to the absence of the Bills safety, it’s relatively hard to call. Both teams narrowly won their wildcard weekend games approaching the January 22nd face-off. It took a Sam Hubbard fumble for the Bengals to win 24-17 over Ravens. Bills also clinched a win by hair’s breadth, defeating the Miami Dolphins 34-31 on Sunday, January 15.

In a subsequent tweet, Caesars revealed that 27% of the total bets have been in favor of the Buffalo Bills to win but 81% of the total real money stakes is tipping the Bills to win by more than five points. All eyes are now on the emotional game ahead and it might be worth keeping in touch with how the game eventually turns out.

New Users Can Bet on the NFL Divisional Round and Receive Up to $1,250 Bet Credits on Caesars Sportsbook

Players looking to get in on the action have been handed a big boost by Caesars Sportsbook Michigan. The brand is keeping its new client promo active on its sports betting apps. Titled GO FULL CAESAR, this welcome offer gives you back 100% of your stake when you bet on games but lose. The promotion is capped at $1,250, so losses above this amount will not get any extras.

However, win or lose, as a new player, you’ll receive 1,000 reward credits and 1,000 in tier credits to spend subsequently. However, to qualify for these bonus rewards, your first wager must be above $10. Also, remember to use the promo code CZRFULL to get the full package promised.

The promotion is available on NBA, NFL, NCAA and NHL games for bettors domiciled anywhere in Michigan.

Despite Assurances on Social Media, Caesars Sportsbook Customers Complain about Same-Game Parlays

While on the surface things appear to be going smoothly on the Caesars Sportsbook platform, there have been several complaints about the brand’s betting app. Since the beginning of the year, the sportsbook has released a series of announcements on its Support Twitter account regarding problems accessing some features.

On New Year’s Day, the sportsbook informed players that in-play betting systems and settlement were delayed. But in less than fifteen minutes, it published another tweet stating that the issue had been resolved. A similar occurrence took place on January 14 where players had problems placing same-game parlay bets. Live dealer games in Michigan were also problematic in the afternoon of January 16.

These series of problems, many fans believe, may be reflective of large-scale technical problems with the brand. While others think the NFL betting problems, particularly with same-game parlays, are due to traffic and heavy bets. Regardless of the cause, players will definitely want to see stable service offering in the coming months.

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