Flint Illegal Gambling Sites Shut Down as MGCB Continues Crackdown



  • Two suspects have been arraigned before the 67th District Court in Flint for illegally opening and operating an unlicensed gambling facility.
  • One of the suspects, Kas-Mikha, has been linked to other illegal gambling operations including The Cellular Vault and The Flint Arcade.
  • Key stakeholders in Michigan’s gambling industry met last year to develop comprehensive solutions to illegal gambling and agreed to strictly enforce MCL 600.3801.

Illegal gambling is a menace that many gaming authorities take very seriously. In the Great Lakes state, the Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) has remained persistent in its battle against illegal online gambling. The gaming authority partnered with Michigan’s Department of Attorney General to investigate ownership of an illegal gambling operation in Flint.

The joint investigation yielded results as two defendants have now been arraigned for allegedly operating an unlicensed gambling store. These charges were filed before the 67th District Court in Flint. It comes after warrants were issued for felony gambling in February for Linos Kas-Mikha and Robert Jamerson.

Suspected Masterminds of Unlicensed Gambling Facility Arraigned Before District Court 

According to a press release from the state’s gaming authority, two individuals have been arraigned before the District Court in Flint. Mr Kas-Mikha, 52, from Grand Blanc, and Mr Jamerson, 55, from Saginaw, have been detained for their alleged roles in operating an illicit gambling establishment. 

The arrest warrants were issued on February 15, but no arrests were made until later. Kas-Mikha was detained first on February 21 and Jamerson’s warrant was executed on February 28. The suspects now face four felony charges after the conclusion of a joint investigation involving the MGCB and the Michigan Department of Attorney General. 

They are individually charged with one count for running an unlicensed gambling operation, two counts for using computers to facilitate a crime, and one count for maintaining a gambling house for profit at Cellular Bank, located at 4622 N. Saginaw Street in Flint.  

Probable cause hearings were held on February 29 and March 7 for Kas-Mikha and Jamerson respectively. Another hearing took place on March 14 in the 67th District Court. 

“Holding those who choose to break the law and run alleged illegal gambling operations accountable for their actions is paramount to ensuring the safety and integrity of our neighborhoods,” MGCB Executive Director Henry Williams said in the release. 

Director Williams further explained the necessity of prosecuting violators and rigorously regulating the industry. He emphasized the gaming authority's focus on sustaining an environment that makes gaming enjoyable and is rooted in "fairness, legality, and community safety." 

Owners of the Cellular Bank Illegal Wagering Facility Have Had Previous Run-Ins with Local Police 

The MGCB’s probe reveals that Cellular Bank and another enterprise at 3301 Corunna Road share ownership. Both facilities are under the helm of L.D Lam Properties (owned by Kas-Mikha) and Abdulmunem Ghrer from Ohio.

The Corunna Road site has been known by various names—The Cellular Vault, The Flint Arcade, and the Corunna Road Arcade—each time operating illegal betting activities. These establishments have a history of police actions due to their activities.

At least three raids have been conducted at both locations by MGCB, Michigan’s Department of Attorney General and local law enforcement over the past two years. The most recent raid occurred on August 23, 2023, at Corunna Road. The facility was known then as The Flint Arcade at the time. Police seized 50 gambling devices and $13,260 in suspected gambling proceeds.

Two earlier raids happened on August 18, 2022, targeting Cellular Bank at 4622 N. Saginaw Street and The Cellular Vault at 3301 Corunna Road. These unlicensed gambling outlets were fitted with illegal wagering equipment.

The raid at Cellular Bank resulted in the confiscation of 11 slot machines, 13 computers, $7,568.52, and a PIN card for remote betting. Meanwhile, at The Cellular Vault, 43 computers used for gambling and $2,572.48 were seized by police.

Rising Concern Regarding Illegal Gambling Operations Triggered Meeting Among Stakeholders Last Year 

There is no doubt that legal Michigan online gambling operators receive robust support from the state’s gaming authority. However, the rise of illegal and unlicensed gambling operators across the state continues to be a significant worry for industry stakeholders and the government.

Following several raids targeting illegal gambling operations, MGCB Director Williams convened with Flint Mayor Sheldon Neeley and State Representative Cynthia Neeley (D-Flint). The meeting occurred on August 29, 2023, and was focused on exploring lasting solutions to the issue of illegal gambling establishments.

One key outcome of the meeting was the activation of MCL 600.3801. This statute stipulates that any building that is used for “lewdness, assignation, prostitution, or gambling” can be declared a public nuisance.

The City of Flint took legal action by filing a complaint in the 7th Judicial Circuit Court in Genesee County against L.D Lam Properties, LLC, and Ghrer. Also, the city requested forfeiture of the property for a year.

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