One-Time Powerball $1 Million Prize Winner Purchases Mega Millions Jackpot Ticket



  • Joni Thompson, winner of the Michigan Powerball, aims to try her luck with the Mega Millions drawing.
  • Thompson won $1 million in November at her first try and is hoping that another favorable coincidence occurs.
  • Over five million tickets have been sold at Mega Millions drawing in Michigan alone, with one ticket holder winning $10,000.

The Mega Millions jackpot drawings is one of the most anticipated jackpots in the entire country. Not surprising, though. Everyone can readily trace the popularity of this jackpot drawing to the massive prize that comes alongside, being the second largest in the US.

Michigan players are looking to take home the grand prize or some part of it this year, after a successful outing in January 2021. Leading the charge is Joni Thompson, the past winner of the Michigan Powerball who believes she can replicate her luck at the Mega Millions drawing.

Sales of Mega Millions Tickets in Michigan Crosses Five Million

Traditionally, Friday the 13th is said to herald bad luck. But Americans threw caution to the wind, hoping to strike good fortune on that same day with the Mega Millions drawing. After the jackpot crossed a historic figure of $1 billion on Tuesday, January 10, the Friday drawing rose to a massive $1.35 billion, attracting more players.

In Michigan alone, over 5.5 million tickets were purchased in anticipation of Friday’s drawing, with over half of that figure bought on Friday. Every hour, at least 200,000 tickets were sold for what was the fourth-largest lottery jackpot prize in the country’s history.

Considering that Michigan players have had some impressive fate with the Mega Millions in recent times, there was no surprise at the turnout. Back in 2021, Wolverine FLL Lottery club in Oakland County took home $1.05 billion. Similarly, despite the odds, four players have won the jackpots after purchasing tickets on Friday the 13th in previous years. The winners came in June 2008, May 2011, June 2014 and October 2017.

Unfortunately, however, there have been no major winners from Michigan after the drawings on January 13. The jackpot drawings take place every Tuesday and Friday. Although there was a blank on Tuesday, January 10, the January 13 and 17 jackpot prizes have been won. A New Yorker scooped the $20 million prize on Tuesday, January 13. Another Massachusetts player matched five white balls and emerged the winner of $1 million after the drawing.

A Michigan player did show some promise after their ticket had the Mega Ball and four white balls, leading to a win of $10,000.

Former Powerball Prize Winner Sets Sight on Clinching Mega Millions Jackpot

One of the most notable Michigander looking to enjoy the massive rewards available is Joni Thompson. Last November, Thompson hit some beginner’s luck after winning $1 million from the Powerball. Only one digit was off in Thompson’s win, making it even more remarkable.

Before the jackpot, the 54-year-old was leading a nonprofit named Angels of Action in Mecosta County. There, she feeds families and sponsors tutors to train children in literacy and math. Speaking to Good Morning America after her win, the Powerball winner said, “I'm going to continue to use some of this money to make sure that all the kids in our county and surrounding county are taken care of."

With regards to the ongoing Mega Millions Jackpot, Thompson noted that she plans to buy a ticket. In fact, friends called her asking her to purchase their tickets and help “give them winnings.” She further remarks that “I feel like I've got a little extra luck. The [Detroit] Lions have extra luck this year, so I might also.”

All eyes will now be on Thompson in the hopes that, luckily, lightning may strike in the same place twice.

Michigan Online Casino Jackpots to Look Out For in 2024

Besides different lottery options, Michigan online casinos also present jackpots for players. One of such coming early in the year is the Siberian Storm progressive jackpot available at Caesars Casino. The gambling house reported that the jackpot has now crossed $566,655 on January 16.

The chances of winning jackpots on online slots are also enormous. Opting for progressive jackpot games or slot tournaments could yield huge returns, even with small stakes. A Caesars Casino MI player recently won $40,793 off a $10 bet on the 100x Ra game.

If you’re looking to join in on the action, you can start by joining any of the online casinos in Michigan that offer tournaments and jackpot slots. Heading off to our reviews of each gambling site is a good place to begin.

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