Michigan Legislature Includes $50 Million Funding to MGCB in 2024 Budget



  • The 2024 budget will include a $50.7 million budget to finance the operations of the Michigan gaming Control Board.
  • This 2024 allocation is $4.2 million more than the funding received for the 2023 fiscal year, and about $11 million more than 2022.
  • Governor Whitmer is expected to sign the budget while allocation is set to begin as early as October 1, 2023.

The Michigan Gaming Control Board is about to receive more funding to boost its operations and programs in the 2024 fiscal year which is to start in October 2023. With the Michigan gambling industry now recognized as one of the major contributors to the state’s revenue, it is only appropriate that its agencies receive appropriate funding to manage the sector.

This fiscal year’s allocation is more than what was received in both 2023 and 2022 as greater spending is expected this year, especially with the Don’t Regret the Bet campaign. Just like last year, the bulk of the funding will be spent on responsible gaming, employment and infrastructure.

Every Detail About the New MGCB State Budget Allocation

The total amount allocated for the Michigan Gaming Control Board for the upcoming fiscal year amounted to $50.7 million. Compared to the amount received last year, this represents over $4.2 million in additional funding. $2 million of this additional allocated funding is to be spent on the creation of an accounts receivable system which runs alongside the existing database of the MGCB and the SIGMA, Michigan’s financial system. 

In addition, $2.2 million will go to 16 full-time equivalent job openings to provide additional support for new and existing gaming programs executed by the Board. Finally, $63,000 will be spent on compensation for the agency’s board members who are currently unpaid volunteers and regularly attend board meetings.

Back in 2023, the additional funding of about 7 million was directed at responsible gaming programs, infrastructural development and millionaire parties. The bipartisan budget has made its way to the table of the governor, after the legislature reached an agreement on June 28. It is expected that the budget will come into effect on October 1, after the governor’s signature, in time for the 2024 fiscal year.

MGCB to Receive Annual Funding Towards Don’t Regret the Bet Campaign

In addition, to the expenses under the additional budget, $3 million has been earmarked as an ongoing, annual funding towards the continued execution of the Don’t Regret the Bet campaign. Launched early this year, the Don’t Regret the Bet campaign is a responsible gambling program initiated by the MGCB. Among other functions, it seeks to provide help to problem gamblers and offer tips that help ensure they see gambling as recreation.

Henry Williams, the Director of the MGCB expressed satisfaction with the allocation from the budget as he claimed that funding was necessary to the smooth operations of gambling activities in the state.

“A well-funded gaming control agency is crucial for ensuring fair and honest gaming in the State of Michigan, preventing fraud and illegal activities, and addressing problem gambling,” MGCB Executive Director Henry Williams said. “I sincerely appreciate the support from Governor Whitmer and the Legislature of a budget that will help the MGCB continue its responsible gaming messaging campaign, support our state’s growing gaming economy, and allow us to grow our team and make investments into efficient systems that help strengthen our mission and integrity while supporting those we serve.”

Don’t Regret the Bet also includes several features like an interactive quiz, a fact sheet and myth busters where players can learn about gambling from in Michigan. There are also helpful resources and a responsive helpline to help anyone with a gambling problem.

Millionaire Parties Also Receive New Online Gambling Funding

Thanks to a bill signed by Gov. Whitmer in December 2022, Millionaire Parties in Michigan will now be funded under the Internet Gaming Fund. In the 2023 fiscal year, it was included in the MGCB additional allocated budget.

The Michigan’s Millionaire Party is “a charitable gaming event where wagers are placed on games of chance customarily associated with a gambling casino and participants use imitation money or chips.” It is under the oversight of the MGCB and was previously funded from charitable gaming license fees or sales of tickets from the State Lottery fund.

According to the MGCB Executive Director, this new funding service is more sustainable and will prevent the need for licensing increases. Organizations interested in hosting Michigan Millionaire Parties are still permitted and may head on to the Michigan Gaming Control Board website for more details.

If someone has a gambling problem, please call the state’s 24-hour, toll-free helpline at 1-800-270-7117 or the MGCB’s responsible gaming section at 1-888-223-3044.

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