Super Bowl 58 - Picks & Best Bets

darren cooper
Darren Cooper
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We’re talking only Super Bowl bets this weekend. We’ve got your winner picked out between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers out in Las Vegas, plus the MVP (you know who he is), and for sure, we have to throw in at least one fun prop bet. Enjoy Super Bowl 58 everyone!

NFL: Super Bowl 58 Best Bet:  

Chiefs +2 (-118) at DraftKings

Kansas City beat the Niners in Super Bowl 54, but struggled at times in the regular season and were only the third seed in the AFC.

But in the playoffs, their defense has turned it up. They held Miami down in the bitter cold, did just enough against Josh Allen, but really locked up Baltimore on the road in the AFC title game.

The AFC is better than the NFC, have we all forgotten that? San Francisco is good, but look for KC to focus on stopping running back Christian McCaffrey and force San Francisco to throw. I think it’s a low scoring game. Remember, the Chiefs are 6-14 over/under this season and the Chiefs to win outright.

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NFL: Chiefs +2 (-118)

NFL: Super Bowl 58 MVP Best Bet:  

Patrick Mahomes +135 at BetMGM

Somehow the Chiefs quarterback has been overshadowed in all the Super Bowl hype the last two weeks? Maybe it’s the Taylor Swift factor.

Mahomes is playing in a Super Bowl for the fourth time in his career. He’s only 28. He’s been MVP twice before. It’s funny though, how the Niners are favored at Michigan sportsbooks, but Mahomes is the favorite to win the MVP.

The NFL is still a quarterback-centric league and it perfectly fits Mahomes talents, his elusiveness and arm strength. And he’s better than Brock Purdy for San Francisco.

Two minutes left in the game, if its tied or close, you’d rather have Mahomes with the ball. That’s why he’s my MVP pick.

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NFL: Patrick Mahomes Super Bowl MVP (+135)

NFL: Super Bowl Coin Toss Prop Bet:  

Heads +100 at DraftKings

The American Gaming Association put out a report this week that said Americans would wager over $23 Billion on the Super Bowl. That’s Billion with a B, and an all-time record.

It’s the Super Bowl. It’s supposed to be fun, just like all your gambling activity. Never chase bets and never bet more than you could afford. Betting on the coin toss at the Super Bowl has become a signature deal (listen to how loud the crowd gets after it’s called - yeah, most of those people are cheering their big win).

A coin flip is the ultimate 50-50 bet. If a coin comes up Tails nine times in a row, the odds that it lands on heads on Try No. 10 is still 50-50. In this case, Tails leads Heads 30-27 all-time in Super Bowls. It’s time for Heads to come up big. And if it doesn’t, well, it was meant to be fun.

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NFL: Coin Toss Heads (+100)

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