Undercovering the magic – and tragic – numbers in the Pistons 27-game losing streak

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  • After losing to the Brooklyn Nets Tuesday night, the Detroit Pistons now hold the all-time NBA record for most consecutive losses in one season: 27. After losing to the Brooklyn Nets Tuesday night, the Detroit Pistons now hold the all-time NBA record for most consecutive losses in one season: 27.
  • The Pistons can tie the all-time record owned by the Sixers with a loss at Eastern Conference leading Boston Thursday night.
  • What has it been like at Michigan sportsbooks to bet on the Pistons during this streak?

Lions fans witnessed 0-16 in 2008. Detroit Tigers fans saw only 43 wins in 2003. Both records for pro sports futility.

And now this.

The Detroit Pistons set the single season record for losses in a row falling to the Brooklyn Nets Tuesday night. At least they looked good doing it, those Bad Boys jerseys were Fire.

Michigan sportsbooks will have odds on every Pistons game, win or lose, and even though there’s a lot of losing, Caesars and BetRivers have odds on the playoffs and NBA Rookie of the Year.

So is the bet Pistons against the moneyline forever? Or are there other markets to explore?

What Do the Number Say? 

With two games left in 2023, the Pistons are 2-28. They started the season 2-1 then lost to Oklahoma City at the Paycom Center on Oct. 30. When the Thunder and the Pistons left the lockerroom, it was 34 degrees outside.

The Pistons have gone on to lose the next 26 games.

During this 27-game streak, Detroit is 8-19 against the spread. They’ve actually been a pretty good bet on the over. They are 17-10 over/under in their last 27 games.

The biggest margin of defeat during this streak? 32 points. It’s happened three times. The closest game? Two points. The average margin of defeat is 13.8 points.

A Look at the Pistons Deeper in the Markets  

Good Michigan sportsbooks offer more than just a point spread and total on each Pistons game, there are also markets on each quarter, where you can pick who which team will win each.

The Pistons have played 108 quarters during this losing streak. They have won 31 of them, tied in five (including three in Loss No. 1 to the Thunder) and lost 72 quarters to their opponent. First quarter, second quarter, third, fourth. It doesn’t matter. It’s all been bad.

During this streak, the Pistons have trailed at halftime 22 times. Their biggest lead at halftime was 12 in Loss No. 2 against the TrailBlazers.

News flash: the Pistons lost that game.

What’s Next for the Pistons? 

Ownership has publicly supported the players and first-year head coach Monty Williams. The trade deadline is coming up and there’s talk of trading some players for assets, but it may be a hard sell. Who wants to come play for the Pistons right now? 

Cade Cunningham has played better in the last 10 games for Detroit, but he’s about the only bright spot.

And the NBA schedule makers did Detroit no favors. Loss No. 28, to tie the all-time record, could come Thursday night against the Boston Celtics in Boston. The Celtics are 23-6, No. 1 in the Eastern Conference. They will be huge favorites, and it becomes a scar now, no NBA team wants to be the team that lost to the Pistons.

Well, at least, we have the Lions in the playoffs to look forward to.


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