Online Blackjack in Michigan

Also known as Twenty-One, Blackjack is a casino card game where one or more players compete against the dealer to achieve a hand equal but not surpassing 21.

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games out there. Aside from its easy-to-understand rules, online blackjack is fun to play and offers huge winning chances.

In this article, GambleOnlineMichigan would deeply review the whole aspects of the game. You will learn everything you need to know about the rules, how to play online blackjack, tips on how to win, and where to play for free and real money.

Is online blackjack legal in Michigan?

Yes. In December 2019, Michigan legalized all forms of online gambling which includes online blackjack. In January 2021, several Michigan online casinos were launched in the state offering different variations of online blackjack as well as live dealer blackjack games.

How to play Blackjack Online and Rules

Online blackjack is played by one or more players competing against the dealer with individual or extra decks of 52 cards.

  • Choose the blackjack game of your choice (there are several variants to choose from).
  • Choose a bet from the stake limits.  Wagers are placed in the form of chips
  • Click the Deal button to begin the game.
  • The dealer will deal cards one at a time
  • The way the cards are dealt will depend on the variation. In some cases, all cards will be dealt facedown with the last of the dealer’s card facing up.
  • When all cards have been dealt, the player will decide whether to stand (not ask for another card) or hit (ask for more cards to get exactly 21 or closer to 21).
  • If the player ends up with a bust (goes over 21) during the game, the player loses the game and the dealer collects the wager.

Stand: You can choose to stand if you think your current total is closer to 21 and would beat the dealer’s hand.

Hit: If the player chooses to hit, another card will be played face up onto your hand. If the hand ends up with a total of less than 21, the player can choose to Hit again. If the total comes at 21, the hand automatically stands. However, if it goes over 21, the hand is bust which means the player loses the bet.

Double Down: If you consider your hand favorable, you can choose to Double Down – place a second wager equal to the first. When a player doubles down, they will receive one more card facing up.

Split:  If you get your first two cards of the same denomination, you can choose to place an additional wager equal to the first wager and split the cards into two hands. An additional card will be dealt to complete each hand. If the second card is of matching rank to either hand, the player will be offered the option to split again depending on the variation and casino. Generally, players can split up to a max of 4 hands. The split hands will be played one at a time starting with the first hand. The player can choose to stand or hit each hand.

Surrender – Some variations and casinos allow players to make an early or late surrender. Early surrender means taking back half their bet and giving up their hand. This must be the player’s first action on the hand. Late Surrender is more common. This is done after the dealer has checked cards and does have Blackjack.

Insurance – If the dealer has 10 or an Ace card facing up, the player can make an Insurance bet. The insurance bet is a side bet that would require the player to place an additional bet equal to half of their original bet on whether or not the dealer has a Blackjack.  If the dealer has Blackjack, the insurance bet is won.

Scoring and RTP in Blackjack

The standard payout for a blackjack is 3 to 2. If a player has Blackjack, they will be paid 3:2. For example, if a player wagered $10, they would receive a total of $25. If the player wins a hand, they will be paid at 1:1 on the total wagered on that hand. This means that they will be paid double their bets.

Scoring at blackjack is quite easy. Basically, the values of each card dealt to the player are summed up to obtain an overall score.

Online Blackjack in Michigan for Free or for Real Money

Online blackjack in Michigan can be played for free or with real money. Playing free money blackjack allows you to enjoy the game without having to stake your money. Though the whole experience is fun and entertaining, you don’t get to win cash. For most players, free money blackjack is a way to master the game of blackjack without losing money.

Real money blackjack, on the other hand, requires you to stake money in order to play. For every match won, you receive payouts that can be withdrawn. 

If you’re looking to play blackjack either for free or with real money, check out any of these operators:

BetMGM Casino
DraftKings Casino
FanDuel Casino
Golden Nuggets

All these operators offer an intuitive platform with the best layout for gaming.

Types of Blackjack

American Blackjack: This is one of the most popular blackjack variations that has come to stay in Michigan online casinos. In this card game, the dealer will be dealt 2 cards; one that is faced down and the other faced up. The card facing down is called the “hole card”. The dealer can take a peek at the card if blackjack is possible. Players must still try to get to 21 without going over the amount.

European Blackjack: This widespread version plays out just like the others except for a few changes. Here, there are no peeks and no hole cards. The dealer is dealt one card face up and only receives the second card after the player’s hand is complete.

Multi-hand Blackjack: Though the goal still remains to beat the dealer’s hand, Multi-hand Blackjack packs more excitement and great advantages for the player. This game allows you to play multiple hands at any one time (up to 5).

Free Bet Blackjack: This variation of standard Blackjack offers more excitement. While you get to spend to place the main bet, this game allows you to double down and split for free.

Live Dealer Blackjack: While all other online blackjack games have you playing against a simulated dealer, Live Dealer Blackjack gives you the thrills of playing against a live dealer in real-time.

  • Progressive blackjack
  • European Blackjack
  • Blackjack switch
  • Multi-hand Blackjack

Playing Online Blackjack for real money and for free

Now that you know the rules and the versions, are you ready to play? Online casinos give players the option to play for free and to play with real money. If you’re not ready to play for real money, you can always practice first without investing money.

Play for free

The best way to learn how to play blackjack is by practicing. Playing online blackjack for free gives the player the chance to practice before playing for real.

The free play follows the same rules as real money play, however, winnings in free games can’t be cashed out. Still, the experience you gain from playing for free would sharpen your gaming skills and help land more wins when you choose to invest money.

Play for real money

While playing for free gives you some experience, the real fun comes with playing with real money. Here, you not only get to game the dealer but you will also rake in real money when you win. Playing for real money would require creating an account with the casino before you can go ahead to choose the online blackjack game.

Play Blackjack like a professional -Tips and Strategies

Before you start playing for real money, let us give you some tips and strategies on how to win in Blackjack

Online Blackjack Tips
Choose game variants with a low house edge

The lower the house edge, the higher your chances of winning. Simply put, blackjack variants with low house edge usually have high RTP which means you could easily make a profit. Some examples include classic Blackjack, Blackjack Switch, and Vegas Strip Blackjack.

Know the game inside out

This would require some practice and experience which you will get from playing free blackjack games. Knowing everything about the game will give you an edge.

Stick to Blackjack Games that Pay Full 3:2

Your odds of winning are better in an 8-deck game that pays out full 3:2.

Avoid the Insurance Bet

Insurance bets might seem to boost your payouts even if you lose but there is only a 30.8% chance of blackjack so you may never cash out on your insurance bet. However, advanced players using a card counting system can cash in on the insurance bet.

Online Blackjack Strategies

  • Don’t overuse the surrendering option. You should only surrender a 16 against a dealer’s 9, 10, or Ace and a 15 against a dealer’s 10.
  • Never stand on your “Soft 17′. This hand is always either a hit or a double.

Mobile Blackjack

Blackjack has been available on mobile for quite some time and the technology keeps improving. Presently, players can play online blackjack on their mobile devices regardless of screen size. However, some blackjack variants might not come out flawlessly on mobile as they do on desktop. Also, you might find that some variants are not available for mobile play.


  • Bust – This means to get a hand total of over 21
  • Hole Card – When the dealer’s second card dealt face down
  • Soft Hand – A hand containing an ace valued as 11
  • Stand – Not taking any more cards
  • Surrender – To forfeit half your bet if you think you cannot win the dealer.
  • Card Counting – A blackjack strategy of tracking the ratio of high cards to low cards that have been played to establish a strategy

How does online blackjack work?

Online Blackjack is a card game that sets you against a dealer and requires you to get a hand closer to 21 or exactly 21.

Are single-deck blackjack games better than multi-game games?

No, not entirely. For beginners, multi-game blackjack games offer better odds and are easier to implement strategies. For example, using strategies like card counting is slightly harder in a single deck blackjack game.

Is blackjack a game of luck or skill?

Blackjack is one table game that requires both skill and luck to win. With the right strategies, lots of skill, and a bit of luck, you could win massively.

Can I play multiple hands in online blackjack?

Multiply hands in online blackjack are only allowed in special variants of the game. You could play up to 5 hands in the Multi-hand Blackjack game.

Can I play blackjack online for free?

Yes. There are quite a few casinos that allow you to get some skill and create a working strategy by playing the game for free.